Zimbra at your fingertips. Always.

Always keep with you what matters the most

Whether it is a mobile phone or a tablet, both personal or company-supplied, your data will always be at your fingertips, without any middleware or client needed.
Not just a mere viewing medium, but a complete communication solution that allows you to send and receive emails, use the Global Address List, add and edit contacts to your Zimbra address book, create appointments, arrange meetings and manage task lists.

When timing is the key

Complete integration with Zimbra allows for instant PUSH notifications, meaning that every new email, contact and appointment will be instantly synchronized.
Administrators can manage both the current synchronizations as well as the device history straight from the Zimbra Administration Console thanks to the Zextras Administration Zimlet.

Push sync of all your items

Each new item and each change to existing items is instantly synchronized between your Zimbra mailbox and your mobile device. This applies to emails, contacts, appointments and tasks alike.

ActiveSync protocol

The widespread Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) protocol grants you the highest native compatibility ever. Synchronize your data with your iPhone, iPad, Android device, Nokia phone and Windows Mobile device without any client app.

No config needed

You just need to choose which users and/or Classes of Service can use the mobile synchronization features and the module will handle the rest. Zextras Mobile runs on standard webports, so you won’t have to make any firewall/network config changes either.

GAL integration

If your local and remote address books are not enough, you can rely on your server’s Global Address List. The GAL is not synchronized with the device but it is queried only when needed, so that you won’t end up having a huge and unhandy address book.

On the go meeting invitation/response

Planning meetings has never been so easy: create a new appointment on your mobile and add any participants you wish. If you receive a meeting invitation email, instead, you just need to accept or deny the request straight from the email client of the mobile.

Synchronization control

Thanks to the Zextras Administration Zimlet, you will always be aware of the users and devices synchronizing with the server, with the added ability to reset a synchronization session and to delete the whole synchronization history for a device.

Dedicated logging

Zextras Mobile has a dedicated logfile which can prove invaluable to keep track of your synchronization activities. Furthermore, the AccountLogger feature allows you to easily configure a separate logfile for a device/user in order to perform troubleshooting operations more easily.

Fine tuning options

While Zextras Mobile does not need any configuration to be operational, a set of “fine tuning” settings are available for those administrators which want to tweak their mobile experience on very large deployments.

Multiple accounts per device

There is no limit to the number of accounts a single device can synchronize, and there is no limit to the number of devices that can synchronize a single account

Shared folder sync

Don’t settle for just your data, synchronize anything that has been shared with you in Zimbra to your device!