Grant power
and get in control

Admin Delegation and Domain Restrictions

Grant Delegated Admin rights to users on your server to let them perform any kind of user management task, and set quota, COS and user limits for your domains in order to gracefully handle one of the most delicate tasks of a system administrator: multi-tenancy. Delegated Admins will access the Zimbra Administration Console just like the Global Admins, but with a reduced scope that will only allow them to see and interact with the elements their role allows.

Browse logs and reports to be in control

Keep track of your Delegated Admin’s actions and of your domain status thanks to the reporting features of ZeXtras Admin, straight from your Zimbra Administration Console thanks to the Zextras Administration Zimlet.

Admin Delegation and Multi-tenancy

Grant “Delegated Admin” rights to one or more users to let them perform User provisioning and management operations for one or more domains, thus relieving Global Administrators from such tasks.

Domain Control

Set COS, Quota and User limits for your domains, effectively creating impassable boundaries that will help you keep your server under full control.

Activity Logging

Keep track of all admin activity thanks to a built-in log search and browse tool. Data for both Delegated and Global Administrators can be queried and viewed straight from the Zextras Administration Zimlet.

Monthly Reports

Zextras Admin automatically creates a monthly report containing information about admin activity and domain status. This report is automatically delivered either via email or briefcase.

Disk Quota Limits

Set per-domain user quota limits to protect yourself against lavish quota grants and storage space squandering, and be able to better predict and plan your storage expansion policies.

Protection user privacy

In order to safeguard your users’ privacy, Zextras Admin gives you the opportunity to selectively enable or disable the View Mail feature for your Delegated Admins.

No configuration needed

The Zextras Admin module does not need any kind of initial module configuration, so you can start creating your Delegated Admins and setting your Domain Limits out-of-the-box.

No additional Admin interfaces

Delegated Admins log into the same URL and port as the Global Admins, but are presented with a “low scope” Zimbra Admin Console.

100% Oops Safe

No matter how hard they’ll try, Delegated Admins won’t be able to edit any Domain, COS, Server or Global Settings. They will only be able to see the data they’re granted access to and perform only user provisioning/management operations.

Admin Settings Reset

Zextras Admin provides an “Admin Configuration Reset” feature that will restore any admin-related setting. This is great if you wish to reset your current configuration or to clean up any leftover settings after migrating from Zimbra NE to Zimbra OSE.