Realtime backup and restore for your Zimbra

Safeguard your data through an ever-consistent realtime backup engine and avoid any data loss

Featuring a cutting-edge realtime engine it takes care of backing up every single item and event in your server, with split second precision.

It’s specifically designed to avoid any data loss by using atomic and ever-consistent algorithms, while still saving disk space thanks to an intelligent deduplication and compression system

Find your perfect fit

Many different restore options are available, ranging from a single-item restore to complete disaster recovery. All of the restore modes are transparent to the user and 100% OS, Architecture and Version independent, meaning that you can restore data on any supported Zimbra version regardless of the version of the source server.
Zextras Backup also allows you to take a complete snapshot of the mail system and store it anywhere.

Real Time Backup

Backup any change in the system as soon as it happens. No more lost data caused by backup scheduling issues or just because your server crashes in the wrong moment.

6 Restore Modes

Six different restore options to always be able to recover what you need, from a single item to an entire domain.

Save all, restore all

All User Data, User Configuration, Classes of Service and Domains are backed up and can be restored at will.

Easy to use

Zextras Backup only requires a very basic configuration, and allows you to easily manage all the backup options, including coherency checks and different safety measures, through the Zextras Administration Zimlet.

100% Environment Independent

Zextras Backup can restore data on any Operating System and Architecture supported by Zimbra, and does so regardless of the source and destination servers’ OS, Architecture or Zimbra version.

COS-based backup exclusion

Exclude expendable Classes of Service you don’t need to restore from the backup at your will in order to spare disk space.

Quick Disaster Response

Zextras Backup is designed to get you back online ASAP after a disaster. Both a live backup folder or an “external backup” can be used to restore, and all accounts are available within minutes while the restore of the data is still being executed.

Self-consistent Snapshots

Over and above the Real Time backup engine, Zextras Backup includes an “External Backup” feature that allows you to save self-consistent snapshots of the data in the Zimbra server to be stored on a remote location or tape drive for additional safety.

Compressed Backup Store

Zextras backup store is compressed and deduplicated, thus being very cost-effective. The average backup store will be 70% of the size of the current data contained in the server.

Intelligent Storaging

By using atomic write algorithms, all data saved in the backup store will always remain 100% consistent and can be moved onto storage media, like tape devices and optical disks even when the backup system is running.

100% Transparent to the user

User mailboxes will always be available for use, and all restore modes are designed to be completely transparent in order to reduce to the very minimum the impact on the user.

Preserve share consistency

Restoring data with Zextras Backup will always preserve share consistency, so that you won’t need to reconfigure all your shares after a restore or disaster recovery.