the easy way

Zimbra to Zimbra migration

Is your server is starting to fit tight to your needs?
Do you want to change your OS or migrate a domain from a dedicated machine to a multi-domain environment? We’ve got your back.

The smoothest migration you’ll ever do.

Zextras Migration Tool is built to scan through a Zimbra server and export all of the data and settings, enabling you to import the result with Zextras Backup.
Just run the installer, choose a path and let this little rascal do the magic.
Then with Zextras Backup choose what to import, from a single user to an entire server, and push the ‘start’ button.
It’s cool, we know.

Easy to use

The Zextras Migration Tool is incredibly easy to use: the installation procedure takes no more than 5 minutes, and in another 5 minutes your data is getting exported to your storage of choice.

100% Free

The Zextras Migration Tool is 100% free to use, without any limitation. Importing your data requires Zextras Backup, a module included in Zextras Suite, which comes with a 30-day full featured trial.

Migrate everything

Migrate Domains, Classes of Service, Account preferences and settings, Emails, Address Books, Calendars, Tasks and Briefcases. Server configuration and custom config files are exported too and are available for reference.

Optimized storage management

Thanks to the very same compression and deduplication algorithms used by Zextras Backup, the Zextras Migration Tool is very storage efficient. This means that your data will be easier to transfer between servers.

Improved server maintenance

Need to update your server’s OS or switch to a new architecture but you’re afraid of the consequences? With Zextras Migration Tool you can simply move your data to a new server running the new OS or Arch.

Reshape your Zimbra

With Zextras Migration Tool you can move domains from an on-premise installation of Zimbra to a shared server and back, allowing you to easily reshape your Zimbra infrastructure according to your needs.